Whenever you are thinking of optimizing the refrigeration portion of your business for better oversight, better efficiency, superior service and maintenance for greater return of investment

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We are a air conditioning and refrigeration contractor serving the Greater Phoenix area, including Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe and Mesa, Maricopa County.

With crews servicing the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan areas

We provide installation and service for your home, commercial office space, retail store, restaurant or refrigerated warehouse.

L&D Refrigeration was started to be an elite service group, providing excellent customer service and unmatched technical proficiency. We believe that if you call a professional... that you should get one. We take pride in our work, We believe in a fix it right the first time approach and a customer service focused mentality.

L&D offers special service rates and parts discounts with our maintenance programs which includes real-time continuous temperature & humidity monitoring with unlimited data logging. With our hardware you can check the temperature and humidity anytime, anywhere, with any web-based device. Our WiFi powered smart monitor sends alerts to your phone or email the instant an important change in temperature or humidity is triggered. You set the trigger points and alerts. You view and update from anywhere... anytime!


  • HVAC/R Licensed & Bonded in California & Arizona
  • Prompt professional courteous service 24-hours a day
  • Food Safety Experts
  • Residential air conditioning
  • Commercial refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning
  • Reach-in / walk-in coolers / freezers / ice machines
  • Restaurants / Convenience Stores / Bakery's
  • HVAC/R Maintenance Specialist
  • HeatCraft Refrigeration / The Beacon Refrigeration Experts
  • Cold Storage Builders / Design, installation, service, and repair
  • (ARB) Air resources board refrigerant management specialist
  • USEPA certified technicians
  • Remote real-time temperature & humidity monitoring (RTM)
  • 24/7 Alerts via Text and /or Email Messages
  • Unlimited recorded history  (Food Service Requirement)
  • Web-Based, access remotely anytime, any device
  • Included with most monthly maintenance contracts
  • Simple, reliable, unlimited temperature & humidity history

Our WiFi powered smart monitor sends alerts to your phone or email the instant an important change in temperature or humidity is triggered. You set the trigger points and alerts. View and update from anywhere... anytime!

If trusted advice, the latest industry innovations and the lowest possible prices had a nerve center it would look like L&D Refrigeration.

About Us

L&D Refrigeration provides highly reliable and environmentally friendly HVAC & Refrigeration solutions, specifically designed to reduce the energy bill. We never stop working to find the latest products, services and technologies that save energy, reducing your cost, preventing pollution and saving our natural resources.

We know that experience is key in your search for the right refrigeration/HVAC service and maintenance company.

We at L & D Refrigeration put forth our best effort in each and every one of our jobs--and it shows. For over 27 years and counting, we have been providing our customers with state of the art services and a professional touch you won't find anywhere else.

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