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Commercial and Industrial Services

  • Remote Temperature Monitoring
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Cooling Towers
  • HVAC Maintenance and Repairs
  • Alternate refrigerant retrofit
  • Banana & fruit ripening rooms
  • Chillers, heat exchangers
  • Condensing units & evaporators
  • Cooler & freezer expansions
  • Energy management systems
  • Rack systems
  • Refrigerant detection systems
  • Refrigeration Control Panels
  • Screw & reciprocating compressors
  • USDA Meat Processing Rooms
  • Air Conditioning  
Our Services Include:
  • Specialists in Cold Storage Construction & Refrigeration Installation   
  • Energy Saving Retrofits including the BEACON System
  • Food Safety Experts / Supermarkets / Convenience Stores
  • Refrigeration Planning, Design & Installation
  • Refrigeration Consulting, Heat Load Calculations
  • HVAC/R Planning, Design & Installation
  • Commercial and Residential Service Agreement Specialist.
  • Remote Real-Time Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
  • 24/7 Alerts via Text and /or Email Messages
  • Data-Logger with Unlimited History (Food Service Requirement)
  • Web-Based, Access Remotely Anytime, Any Device
  • Up to Ten (10) Contacts To Receive Alerts
  • Simple, Reliable & Unlimited Temperature & Humidity History Stored
  • Check-In Anytime, Anywhere, (With Maintenance Agreement)

As an example, have you ever lost product because of equipment failure, or unexpected power failure? L&D’s remote temperature monitoring system in each refrigerated zone may be your solution! L&D Refrigeration’s remote temperature monitoring system provides 24/7/365 supervision and peace of mind. Our Temperature & Humidity Sensor’s offers:

  • Temperature Monitoring   (-40°F to 125°F)
  • Humidity Monitoring   (0 - 100%)
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Alerts
  • Data-Logger ~ Download and print temperature and humidity, unlimited history
  • Web-based, access remotely, any time, any device
  • Simple, reliable and very affordable

Our smart controller sends alerts to your phone or emails the instant an important change in temperature or humidity is triggered. We set the trigger points and alerts. You view from anywhere, any device…. anytime!

Our hardware is designed and manufactured in the USA. Our installation team is comprised of in-house employees, the same as our technical support. Call or email today for a simple demonstration

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